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BT Email belongs to BT Group plc, which is owned by British Telecommunications and its head office is in London. It has operations in an around 180 countries worldwide with millions of users. BT Email is the largest service provider of fixed-lines, mobile and broadband service in the U.K., and dealing in subscription services and I.T. services also. BT email is a free email service which a user can avail when it will purchase BT broadband. BT Email services have enormous features which users can enjoy over here. It is quite safe and secure to use while sending and receiving emails. It can block the emails which look fishy to it. Although there are lots of features, the users sometimes face few issues related to it. Issues which are faced by the users can be rectified by our technical support team through BT Email tech support number +0-800-041-8154 and our support team will assist the users 24×7 online on a priority basis.

Why one should prefer BT Email over others?

  • Users can store lots of Emails as it has plenty of storage to store the Emails.
  • It can provide attachment facility to users.
  • Users can organize their Emails through folders such as inbox, outbox, sent folder, spam and others.
  • It provides the facility of filtration of Email.
  • BT Email can manage Spam and junk email.
  • Users can apply formatting while sending emails.
  • BT Email allows users to create their own Email signature.
  • BT email allows users to change the Themes according to their choice.
  • Users can send text messages directly to the cell phone.

What is the need of BT Email technical support team?

The issues which users face can be resolved by some experts who can understand the problem of the user and can satisfy them by resolving their issues on an instant level. We are stating some of the issues which they face while using BT email:

Few main issues users faces in BT Email?

  • BT Mailbox Size Limit is an issues for the users.
  • Users are facing errors while deleting a BT Email Address.
  • Users are unable to recover deleted BT Email.
  • Users are unable to forward an email.
  • Users are unable to block an email address in BT Email.
  • Showing error while troubleshooting BT Mail on the iPad.
  • BT email unable to handle Fraud emails.
  • BT email unable to delete Cookies.
  • Showing error while changing a Password in BT Email

The users of BT Email enjoys the features of it and sometimes its technical issues annoyed them. To ensure it that users all issues should be resolved timely we have a technical support system which has the responsibility to rectify the issues on an instant basis. Users can take assistance from the support team at any time through BT Email technical support number +0-800-041-8154.